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  XVMB400is a four channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which designed to be used in mobile recording solution. It comes with a compact, shockproof and less-power consuming HDD interface in order to maximize its effectiveness in mobile recording. XVMB400 is built based on non-PC type operating system (OS), so it won’t just freeze up while it is in operating and it won’t get malicious viruses or worms from the Internet, either. Additionally, easy graphical user interface (GUI) makes even PC-phobic users can operate the system without any difficulties.


  • Compact size application for school bus, mass transit, taxi, police car
  • Embedded proprietary operating system
  • MPEG4 Compression
  • Full 120 FPS (100FPS for PAL) Live Display and Recording
  • USB Backup System
  • Triplex Operation : Simultaneous Playback, Recording, Networking
  • Text Overlay of Vehicle, GPS, Speed Gun Information
  • Swappable 3.5' HDD Storage (2.5' HDD Option)
  • Watermark Verification
  • Full Network Accessibility and Control

Category Embedded Proprietary OS
Operating System MPEG4 (VIDEO), ADPCM (SOUND)
Compression Algorithm 1 / 4 / Sequence
Multi-Screen Display 4 BNC
Video Input 1 Composite
Monitor Output 120fps
Display Speed NTSC 352 × 240, 720 × 480
Recording Resolution PAL 352 × 288, 720 × 576
Recording Speed(CIF) Max 120fps
Recording Mode Continuous, Schedule, Event
Audio 2 Line-In / 2 Line-Out
Search Method Time & Date, Event
Sensor Alarm 4 Alarm Input(NO/NC) / 1 Alarm Output
Network Interface RJ-45
PTZ Interface RS-485
Storage Temp. and Humidity -4°C~140°C(-20°C~60°C) / 20~90%RH
Operating Temp. and Humidity 41°C~104°C(5°C~40°C) / 20~80%RH
Dimension(W x H x D) 178mm x 82mm x 275mm
Weight 3.3kg
Power Supply DC 8V~36V
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